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Flammulated_Owl_David_Arsenault. Banding a young Flammulated Owl. David Arsenault/Plumas Audubon Society

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Ross's Geese and Snow Geese
Boreal Forests

Land Worth Protecting

By James Fox and Dr. Christian Artuso.
September 01, 2022 — Indigenous-led efforts are keeping bird habitat safe in Manitoba
An aerial view of a hurricane as seen from space.

How Bird Researchers Are Tracking the Impacts of Intensifying Hurricane Seasons

By Jason Gregg
August 31, 2022 — As climate change fuels stronger storms, scientists are using emerging technology and crowdsourcing data to understand their avian toll.
Boreal Forests

New Tracking Tower Reveals 2,000-mile Shorebird Connection

August 26, 2022 — With migration in full swing, three radio-tagged dowitchers make the same journey to Audubon sanctuary.

How the ‘Elevator Music of Birding’ Became My New Favorite Tune

By Rebecca Heisman
August 25, 2022 — After the Merlin Bird ID app helped me discover the Warbling Vireo, its song now feels like a secret message meant just for me.
Migratory Bird Initiative

The Flammulated Owl Is a Small Raptor Facing Big Threats

By Chad Witko
August 22, 2022 — Scott Yanco’s research on the migration and ecology of this reclusive owl can give the bird a fighting chance.
Western Water News

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Water in the West

By Caitlin Wall
August 18, 2022 — Groundbreaking law provides critical funding for megadrought in the West and incentives for clean energy.
Christmas Bird Count

Inside the Data Factory

By National Audubon Society
August 18, 2022 — A brief glimpse at the work Audubon scientists do with the data that you collect during Christmas Bird Count and Climate Watch.