Climate Change

Balancing birds, water and farms in California's agricultural heartland

— Climate change is endangering vital wetlands in "America's Salad Bowl"

California Faces Its New Climate Normal

— Wildlife refuges, agriculture and cities face water shortages

The Entire Colorado River Basin is in Crisis

— We need climate action, now.
American Black Duck with young. JWiliszowski/iStock

How the Boreal Forest Can Help Protect Birds from Climate Change

— Nature-based climate solutions can deliver one third of the emission reductions needed to meet the Paris Climate Agreement.
Crews work to repair man-made sand dunes on along NC 12 on Pea Island in the Outer Banks, NC. Greg Kahn.

Slip Sliding Away

— While locals on the Outer Banks tussle over whether global warming is real and causing oceans to rise, the islands themselves are gradually, inevitably going under.