Field Notes

Vermont's Birders and Landowners Are Joining Forces to Contribute to Science

— A new state-wide program recruits volunteers to survey breeding birds that would otherwise go uncounted.
A group of nine people stand in front of a small wooden building surrounded by forest on a sunny day.

Who Runs the Forest? Increasingly, in the Southeast, It’s Women

— New groups are cultivating communities of women who manage their trees with economic and ecosystem sustainability in mind.

From Ground to Orbit, Space Industry’s Lift-Off Sparks Environmental Concerns

— As more rockets take flight, how will we protect life at home?
Seven people among the dense roots of a mangrove forest.

The Buried Treasure in Panama’s Mangrove Forests: the Carbon They Store

— These ecosystems feed and shelter migrating birds and surrounding communities—and help fight climate change. By tapping some of that value, conservationists seek to ensure they’ll continue doing so.
Miles of drying mudflats as waterbirds, including phalaropes, fly over head.

The Great Salt Lake Is Too Big—and Too Important—to Fail

— Utah’s leaders and advocates are mobilizing to save the largest saline lake ecosystem in the Western Hemisphere, a haven for people and migrating birds. Time and water are running out.
Building nest boxes for Barn Owls might help tamp down deer mice—and also a hantavirus that can jump from mice to people. Lee Dalton/Alamy

How Protecting Habitats Could Help Prevent Future Pandemics

— Wildlife health is not separate from our own. To forestall new infectious "spillover" events, experts are looking to familiar conservation tools.
Los Angeles freeway during the coronavirus pandemic. adamkaz/iStock

Can There Be a Green and Just Economic Recovery From the Pandemic?

— As politicians and the fossil fuel industry seek to restore a status quo, the course chosen now will dictate our climate future.

It's Time to Build a Truly Inclusive Outdoors

— As the nation continues to confront racism, the birding community must embrace difficult conversations.

Penguins and Polar Bears Hang on at the Poles

— With our climate becoming ever more off-kilter, a naturalist takes stock of the ends of the earth.