Field Notes

Building nest boxes for Barn Owls might help tamp down deer mice—and also a hantavirus that can jump from mice to people. Lee Dalton/Alamy

How Protecting Habitats Could Help Prevent Future Pandemics

— Wildlife health is not separate from our own. To forestall new infectious "spillover" events, experts are looking to familiar conservation tools.
Los Angeles freeway during the coronavirus pandemic. adamkaz/iStock

Can There Be a Green and Just Economic Recovery From the Pandemic?

— As politicians and the fossil fuel industry seek to restore a status quo, the course chosen now will dictate our climate future.

It's Time to Build a Truly Inclusive Outdoors

— As the nation continues to confront racism, the birding community must embrace difficult conversations.

Penguins and Polar Bears Hang on at the Poles

— With our climate becoming ever more off-kilter, a naturalist takes stock of the ends of the earth.