Piping Plover. Barb D'Arpino/Audubon Photography Awards

Audubon Photography Awards

15 Bird Faces That Will Make You Smile


This gallery, which we present here for no other reason than your sheer enjoyment, features shots that were submitted to our 2018 Audubon Photography Awards. To view more incredible images from this year's competition, check out our galleries featuring fascinating bird behaviors and birds eating, well, all kinds of things. And of course, don't miss our Top 100 and the winning photographs. 


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Waved Albatrosses. Jill Bartelt/Audubon Photography Awards


Hooded Mergansers. Scott Suriano/Audubon Photography Awards
Snowy Egret. Jean Hall/Audubon Photography Awards
Common Pauraque. Tobias Yoder/Audubon Photography Awards
Red-shouldered Hawk. Jim West/Audubon Photography Awards
Cedar Waxwing. Paula Avelleyra/Audubon Photography Awards
American Bittern. Scott Pettett/Audubon Photography Awards
Greater Roadrunner. Tobias Yoder/Audubon Photography Awards
American Flamingo. Sara Stein/Audubon Photography Awards
Northern Flicker. Sonja Puhek/Audubon Photography Awards
Limpkin. Ellen Nelson/Audubon Photography Awards
Double-crested Cormorant. Decker Nomura/Audubon Photography Awards
Bushtit. Audrey Addison/Audubon Photography Awards
Red-tailed Hawk. Mathew Malwitz/Audubon Photography Awards
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