Press Room

Biden Administration Moves One Step Closer to Reinstating Migratory Bird Protections

— New rulemaking should be the beginning of a multi-front effort to respond to the loss of 3 billion birds.

New National Conservation Vision Sparks Opportunity to Conserve Nature and Create Jobs

— The administration’s “America the Beautiful” campaign is a chance to expand access to our lands and waters, help birds and other wildlife, and benefit communities across the country.

Audubon Board Addresses Workplace Culture

— Work has begun to improve transparency between board and management and strengthen its governance practices.

Audubon Applauds Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Seabirds’ Favorite Food

— The Forage Fish Conservation Act will update the way that forage fish are managed federally.

National Audubon Society Mourns the Loss of Adam Kolton

— Alaska Wilderness League Executive Director was a passionate advocate and beloved colleague.

Audubon Supports U.S. House Bill to Fund Wildlife Recovery

— Bipartisan legislation will benefit birds, other wildlife, and communities.

Biden Sets a Bold Goal for Emissions Reductions

— Meeting the goal of halving emissions by 2030 will require bipartisan cooperation, and would benefit both birds and people.

Reintroduced Legislation Removes Obstacles to Reducing Pollution on Working Lands While Helping Producers and Wildlife

— The bipartisan Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021 helps reduce emissions from farms, ranches, and forests while providing support to landowners

Canadian Government Proposes Historic Conservation and Resilience Investments

— Proposed funding must include significantly increased support for Indigenous-led conservation and land stewardship efforts.

National Audubon Society Announces CEO David Yarnold to Step Down

— President and Chief Conservation Officer Dr. Elizabeth Gray to Serve as Interim CEO