Audubon Calendars

From nature and gardening tips to sweet songbirds and owlets, these calendars are a great way to get your daily dose of birds.

Each of our calendars are filled with gorgeous photography and feature helpful tips and information on the birds you love!  Plus all are printed on responsibly-sourced paper.

You may find and purchase any of our 2024 calendars here and explore each title below, including several all-new additions.

Kids Birding Activity Calendar 2024

Introducing our newest Kids Birding activity wall calendar. Meet the birds in your own backyard and beyond. This calendar is packed with activities that use birding to get kids truly immersed in nature. Improve powers of observation with a Bird Sign Scavenger Hunt. Learn fascinating facts: Did you know that crows and ravens are some of the most intelligent animals on the planet? Yes, they can even make tools! And find out what you can do to help protect birds and their habitats. Includes a flock of stickers to mark special days and events. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $16.99

Arctic Wall Calendar 2024

Back for a second year, celebrate one of Earth's most remote and spectacular regions with our stunning Arctic wall calendar. This is the Arctic: The aurora borealis infusing a white snowscape with brilliant color. Dall Sheep resting on a rocky mountainside. A Tufted Puffin coming in for a watery landing. Featuring a year of exquisite, full-color photographs, this calendar showcases one of the most beautiful, fascinating, and fragile ecosystems in the world. Each image is accompanied by a detailed caption with information about the region and its wildlife. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $15.99

Nature Wall Calendar 2024

Enjoy our newest Nature Wall calendar. A strapping bull elk, dwarfed against the mountain peaks of Jasper National Park. A flamboyance of Greater Flamingos in flight as a full moon rises. Burchell’s zebra grazing beneath a brilliant rainbow in Serengeti National Park. And the ethereal blue contours of a melting iceberg in Antarctica. Capturing the world’s most pristine landscapes and distinctive wildlife in exquisite full-color photographs, this calendar is a tribute to nature’s beauty, diversity, and power to inspire awe. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $15.99

Little Shorebirds Mini Wall Calendar 2024

For birders, nature lovers, and anyone who adores the beach, our Little Shorebirds mini wall calendar offers a year of sightings along the world’s shorelines and waterways. Each month features a beautifully detailed, full-color photograph of a diminutive shorebird in its native habitat. A Black-necked Stilt wading through glassy water. A Piping Plover hurrying across the sand. And an American Oystercatcher tending to its chicks. Includes information about calls, habitat, and range. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $8.99

Birds in the Garden Wall Calendar 2024

A Black-capped Chickadee perched on a Western hemlock branch. A bright Yellow Warbler singing with gusto. A Cardinal among Black-eyed Susans. Our Birds in the Garden wall calendar celebrates the familiar backyard birds, encouraging us to see them again as if for the first time, to delight in their jewel-like colors and cheerful music. Accompanying the full-color photographs are quotes and detailed information about the featured species plus tips for cultivating a bird-friendly yard. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $15.99

Nature Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2024

Like a photo gallery for your desk, Audubon's Nature calendar is packed with beautiful images of the natural world in an elegant format. Discover nature’s most stunning landscapes, flora, fauna, and other wonders showcased through the exquisite photography and exacting production standards of the Gallery line. Here is a year of treasures from the natural world: the soft, brown eyes of a Bearded Seal. The beautiful curve of a Humpback Whale fluke, captured up close. King Penguins in the Falkland Islands. And pure paradise: A Lupine meadow in Grand Teton National Park. This is the world at its most majestic—and the gift of daily escape for the nature lover. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $22.99

Little Owls Mini Wall Calendar 2024

Little owls in a little calendar—it just doesn’t get cuter. After sellout first runs in previous years,, our Little Owls mini wall calendar is back for another year full of diminutive owls beautifully photographed in their natural habitats. A Northern Pygmy-Owl, expression brimming with curiosity. An adorably fluffy Barred Owl. And the stunning white plumage of a Snowy Owl. Captions feature common and scientific names and information about the featured species’ voice, habitat, and range. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.  $8.99

Desert Wildflowers Wall Calendar 2024

Desert-sand Verbenas and Primroses burst into a kaleidoscope blanketing a patch of California desert. Bright yellow Brittlebrush pops against a spare rocky outcrop in Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park. And the close-ups: fuchsia blooms on a Pricklypear; the big, fleshy flowers of a towering Saguaro. Desert Wildflowers offers a year of stunning desert wildflowers, in photographs that capture, and celebrate, their moment of peak beauty­—transforming their arid, harsh landscapes with brilliant swaths of color. Printed on responsibly sourced paper.  $15.99

Nature Engagement Calendar 2024

The bestselling Engagement Calendar is a tribute to the wilderness, its spectacular landscapes, and its flora and fauna - with spacious weekly grids to track your appointments. Cooling off at a municipal pond in Venice, Florida—not far from the Audubon Society’s Venice Rookery—the regal Great Egret (Ardea alba) does not appear to be in its breeding season. If it were, the long, diaphanous plumes shown grazing the water like a lacy dress’s train would likely be unfurled in a glorious display. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. Wire-o binding. $16.99

365 Picture-a-Day Songbirds & Other Backyard Birds Wall Calendar 2024

Our 365 Picture-a-Day Songbirds & Other Backyard Birds calendar offers a daily dose of brilliant bird photography along with detailed information about each species. How the twittering of a songbird can lift the day! And how spotting a vibrant avian friend alight on the bird feeder, or on the tree just outside your window, always brings a moment of pleasure. This calendar celebrates the birds that are so familiar—yet always such a joy to see. Each month is packed with beautiful sightings, from the large full-color photograph at the top of the page to the dozens more in the grid below. One month it’s a Chestnut-backed Chickadee perched on a pinecone. Another, an American Robin preparing for a graceful landing. Or a Black-chinned Hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower. Accompanying the gorgeous photographs are detailed descriptions of the featured species, behavior, habitat, songs, and more. Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $16.99

Birds Page-A-Day and Gallery 2024 Calendar

Our Birds Page-A-Day calendar is a birder’s bucket list for your desktop. Every day, feel the thrill of a new sighting, up close and in exquisite detail. Spot a Black-chinned Hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower. The vibrant hues of a Lilac-breasted Roller. A Burrowing Owl with an intense gaze. A Tufted Puffin standing on a rocky ledge. A stealthy Glossy Ibis hunting in shallow water. Plus hundreds more stunning portraits of avian species from around the world. Accompanying the full-color photographs are captions with common and scientific names. Printed on responsibly sourced paper and 100% recyclable. $16.99

Now also available in our high-quality Page-a-Day Gallery format, this year featuring everyone's favorite "Hot Duck"! $22.99