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On Florida's Marco Island, families of Burrowing Owls live among the locals, who keep a close eye on the birds to ensure they will always feel welcome. Photo: Karine Aigner

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Read the Entire Winter 2023 Issue
Read the Entire Winter 2023 Issue

Inside: Partners collaborate across borders to save the Black-footed Albatross. A researcher scales mountains to understand the interlaced lives of Clark's Nutcrackers and one type of pine. Through his bond with a rescued owl, a renowned scientist and author illuminates the relationships that underpin the natural world. Read all these stores and more.

Highlighted Feature Stories
Travel in the Time of Climate Crisis
People birding on the side of a road with under-constructions cones in the center.
Travel in the Time of Climate Crisis

As climate-related disasters ramp up, how can travelers minimize the harms and maximize the benefits they bring to recovering destinations?

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The Remarkable Life of Roxie Laybourne
The Remarkable Life of Roxie Laybourne

From deep within the Smithsonian, the world’s first forensic ornithologist cracked cases, busted criminals, and changed the course of aviation—making the skies safer for us all.

The Day We Didn’t Save the Starling
An illustration of a woman and young girl crouching down looking at something in a driveway next to a house.
The Day We Didn’t Save the Starling

In our rescue attempt, I thought I was giving my young daughters a lesson in compassion. It ended up being the reminder that I needed.

Remembering Toni Morrison, the Bird Whisperer
Remembering Toni Morrison, the Bird Whisperer

A year after Morrison’s passing, a journalist and birder reflects on how her time with the cherished author changed her relationship with birds—and with herself.

The Audubon Guide to Climate Action
The Audubon Guide to Climate Action

Feeling like you can’t make a difference? That couldn’t be further from the truth. Our award-winning guide shows you where to begin and how to ­amplify your efforts to make lasting change in the world.


The 2023 Audubon Photo Awards: Top 100

Revel in the staggering beauty and surprising behaviors featured in this gallery of our favorite images.

Photo Essays
Portrait of a Forest on the Climate Edge
A bird's eye view of a winter scene of a forest with some green pine trees and bare aspen, paper birch, and red maple trees.
Portrait of a Forest on the Climate Edge

In Minnesota, a boreal forest ecosystem could shift north over the Canada border this century. Local photographers, scientists, and land managers are grappling with what that means—and how to respond.

Birding Advice and News

Recent Stories

On Our Flight Path

December 05, 2023 — How we are setting ourselves up for even greater success in 2024.

An Unwavering Focus

December 04, 2023 — Birds and the scientists striving to protect them are tenacious.
Two adult albatrosses tend to a fuzzy chick in its nest.

A Single Mexican Island May Be Our Best Hope for Saving Black-footed Albatrosses

November 18, 2023 — To secure the future of the imperiled seabirds, scientists are transporting eggs from Hawaii to Mexico, where Laysan Albatross foster parents await.
Bird Books and Culture
A New Book Explores Our Disdain for Pests
A New Book Explores Our Disdain for Pests

Journalist Bethany Brookshire argues that the idea of a “pest” is more about humans’ view of unwanted animals than the critters themselves.

The Audubon Bird Guide
White-winged Dove
Pigeons and Doves
Short-billed Gull
Gulls and Terns
Northern Hawk Owl
Rivoli's Hummingbird