Common Loon. Shirley Donald/Audubon Photography Awards

Climate Science

The Climate Science Team works to develop conservation-relevant science products on topics related to global change and climate change. We conduct climate research to support policy efforts such as America the Beautiful, understanding past and projecting future responses of birds to climate change, and prioritization for Natural Climate Solutions in the US. Recent products developed by the Climate Science Team include Survival by Degrees: 389 Species on the Brink , the Natural Climate Solutions Report: Maintaining and Restoring Natural Habitats to Help Mitigate Climate Change, and the  Birds and Transmission: Building the Grid Birds Need . The team collaborates with stakeholders from state offices and government agencies to deliver research products that localize the effects of climate change on birds and the places they need. We are also working to incorporate environmental equity for human communities into our science and mapping how this aligns with conservation areas integral for climate adaptation and mitigation efforts. Current team members include Brooke Bateman (lead), Shannon Reault, Amanda Long, Sarah Saunders, Joanna Grand, and Geoff LeBaron.

Climate Science Team
Brooke Bateman

Brooke Bateman

Senior Director, Climate & Community Science