Audubon Pocket Guides

These twenty-four indispensable, portable pocket guides identify and explain creatures, plants, and natural phenomenon for nature lovers everywhere. Each with more than 75 full-color, full-page photographs. 

Look for Audubon Pocket Guides at your local bookstore or online at or Barnes and Noble, or directly through the publisher, Alfred A. Knopf.

  1. Animal Tracks. 
  2. Birds: Eastern Region. 
  3. Birds: Western Region. 
  4. Butterflies. 
  5. Cacti. 
  6. Clouds and Storms. 
  7. Constellations. 
  8. Dinosaurs. 
  9. Earth From Space, The. 
  10. Familiar Birds of Lakes & Rivers. 
  11. Familiar Birds of Sea & Shore. 
  12. Flowers: Eastern Region.
  13. Flowers: Western Region. 
  14. Fossils.
  15. Galaxies and Other Deep Sky Objects.
  16. Insects and Spiders. 
  17. Mammals.
  18. Marine Mammals.
  19. Mushrooms.
  20. North American Waterfowl.
  21. North American Birds of Prey.
  22. Planets and Their Moons, The.