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Plan your own international birding trip with these suggested itineraries from Audubon partners.

Photo: Walker Golder/Audubon

The National Audubon Society’s International Alliances Program is proud to offer suggested trip itineraries to Guatemala and Colombia, with a focus on sites where we are actively engaged in improving bird-based tourism in and around Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs). We encourage you to read through these itineraries and speak with your chapter members, state group, birder friends, and travel companions about visiting these countries.

The below itineraries, organized by country, can be modified to accommodate a variety of interests; however, we urge you to visit the sites where Audubon is actively engaged in promoting bird-based tourism. Planning your own tour allows you the freedom to add or remove days, change hotel suggestions, include an evening conservation talk by the local Audubon partner, or replace an afternoon of birding with a visit to Jesuit or Mayan ruins or other nearby natural or cultural attractions etc..

Why Hire a Local Bird Guide?

By using a local provider, you ensure that tourism revenue stays in the country to improve the local economy; however, if you wish, feel free to use a tour operator based in the U.S. and inquire about their use of local guides. Our partner organizations below can put you in contact with local guides and operators that run multi-day trips for U.S. birders, understand the U.S. bird market, have liability insurance, have one or more bilingual guides, use guides trained via the initiative, and are willing to accommodate you or your group’s needs.

The Bahamas
Bahamas National Trust
Nassau, The Bahamas


More information: Birding Guide

Guyra Paraguay
Asuncion, Paraguay
Phone: (595 21) 229 097


More information:
Aviturismo Paraguay

Belize Audubon Society
Belize City, Belize
Email | Website


Asociacion Vivamos Mejor
Panajachel, Guatemala
Phone: (502) 7762-0159/0160


Wildlife Conservation Society Guatemala
Flores, Guatemala
Phone: 502 7867-5152


More information:
Bird Zone Atitlan

For more information or additional help, contact:

International Alliances Program
National Audubon Society
Washington, DC
Email | Website


The National Audubon Society is not an official tour organizer, nor are we endorsing or have any agreement with any of the tour operators listed above or hotels listed in the itineraries. The list of tour operators is by no means exhaustive and will be updated as we become familiar with more providers.