Flock Together

Photo: Cameron Bloom

Birds exist everywhere we do, so it’s little wonder that they have been important to human cultures from earliest times. Our Flock Together project aims to explore the varied and rich relationships between birds and people around the world. We're highlighting volunteers at avian rehab clinics, ornithologists dedicated to their research subjects, artists who draw attention to the beauty and plight of birds, regular people who go above and beyond to protect backyard birds, and so much more.

If you know of other great tales of humans and their gloriously unique interactions with the birds they love, we want to hear about them. Send a note (and a photo, if possible) to flocktogether@audubon.org. Help us keep the inspiration coming.

Cuddle Time With Baby Bald Ibises

Europe’s most endangered ibises need their “foster parents”—and a little spit—to help get them through their first migration.

Esterer bonds with young ibises. Photo: Esther Horvath

The Bird That Understands Humans

On the African savanna, a fascinating and unprecedented partnership between people and wild birds gets started with a simple "brrr-hm."

Photo: Claire Spottiswoode

Mongolia's Noble Eagle Hunters

Since the time of Kublai Kahn, the Kazakh people have allied with raptors to find sustenance in a barren, mountainous land.

Photo: Cedric Angeles/Intersection Photos

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