10 Great Eco-Travel Escapes

Plunge deep into the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, follow the path of reindeer in Norway, sleep in a solar-powered tent on St. John, go whitewater rafting in Honduras, bird Nebraska’s Platte River. These are among the exciting green travel destinations featured in Audubon Magazine. Here are 10 great escapes to inspire your next vacation.
1.    Peruvian Amazon
In the Peruvian Amazon, a research vessel (with ample amenities) floats through a flooded forest alive with amazing wildlife, from pink dolphins and giant otters to 13 species of primates and 500 kinds of birds. Read the article.

2.     Nebraska’s Platte River
A spring trip to Nebraska combines the subtle beauty of the sandhills with the drama of courting prairie-chickens and the spectacle of cranes by the thousands. Read the Article.
3.     Israel
Walk in Jesus’ footsteps, explore the ruins at Masada, or take a dip in the Dead Sea, but don’t forget to look up. A half billion birds fly over Israel each year, making the Holy Land one of the world’s top birding destinations. Read the article.
4.     Birding in America’s National Parks
They’re America’s true treasures and we love them for their familiar beauty. But at these 12 parks, the birding is just as spectacular as the scenery. Read the article.
5.     Sierra Gorda, Mexico
In the face of forces destroying other parts of Mexico, the Sierra Gorda reserve holds its own—a miraculous, biological melting pot unmatched on the North American continent. Black bears mingle with jaguars and macaws, and stands of tropical trees, draped with orchids, abut hills dotted with cactus. Read the article.


6.     Pico Bonito, Honduras
Welcome to one of Central America’s new up-and-coming eco-destinations, a birder’s paradise that’s home to half of Honduras’ 700 bird species—from the marvelous masked tityra to the elusive lovely cotinga. Read the article.


7.     Norway’s Hardangervidda Plateau
Embark on a cross-country ski quest to see wild reindeer in a powdery, wind-swept Norwegian national park that nearly conquered one legendary explorer. Read the article.


8.     Camp Denali, Alaska
One of the world’s first eco-lodges, Camp Denali is an ideal jumping-off place for exploring America’s greatest wilderness, with wolves, bears, and caribou, all in the shadow of our grandest peak. Read the article.


9.     Dominica
Newly discovered by adventurous travelers and the eco-minded, the island of Dominica is a Caribbean pearl that harbors jewel-like rare parrots and a boiling lake. Read the article.


10.St. John
Wake up in a solar-powered tent, snorkel in an aquamarine underworld, bathe in water collected from the clouds, and turn your beer bottles into art—all while helping preserve St. John’s natural appeal. A pioneering experiment in ecotourism offers a better alternative to big-box resorts. Read the article.


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