12 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Bird Lovers

 Where does the time go? It’s hard to believe we have less than three days left to Christmas. If you’re still scrambling for a present for that bird lover on your list, check out these 12 last-minute gifts. You can even sing them, if you like. ‘On the twelfth hour before shops closed, my true love gave to me…’

Audubon™ Birds by Wild Republic®, a collection of original realistic plush birds with authentic sounds. These beanbag marvels are a perfect replica of the original species in the way they look and sound. For more information and to find the retailer nearest you contact 1 (800) 800-9678.

“On the eleventh hour before shops closed, my true love gave to me…250 Birds A-Calling, and a plushy in a pear tree…”

Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song (Hardcover) 
Listen while you learn. This book plays 250 bird song recordings to correspond with the species perched within its pages. Review from Bookist: “Here are splendid color illustrations of 250 species of birds, some showing only the male and others showing both the male and female. Drawing from the Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the book is divided into four parts: seabirds, shorebirds, and water birds; forest birds; woodland birds; and open-country birds. With each illustration is a description of the bird's range in the U.S and Canada and its ecology and behavior. The profiles emphasize the birds' vocalizations--both songs and calls--which can be heard on an audio component that comes with the book. By using this digital audio technology, readers will be able to relate the songs and calls to the birds' appearances. Beletsky, a notable bird biologist, has written a fascinating book that will aid bird-watchers.”


Audubon Field Guide App
In the Audubon Field Guide app, the species page for a Hooded Merganser allows you to view two images of the bird, see its range map, hear its call, read a description, view a list of similar birds, add it to your life list, and record a sighting.

Birds Eye App
In BirdsEye, you can quickly call up a map of all the nearby sightings of hundreds of species. Tap on the curved arrow in the left side of the box, and you get driving, mass transit or walking instructions to the sighting location. Tap the right pointer, and there’s a list of all species seen at the same place recently.

Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds App
Make quick and accurate identification of the birds around you with the intuitive and simple to use Peterson Guide to Backyard Birds. Now with 180 birds (nearly 50% more than in previous versions), this app for your iPhone or iPod Touch can help you easily identify more of the birds you see regularly - whether overwintering, breeding or migrating through.

For the fourth straight year, Brooks Brothers will feature “National Audubon Society by Brooks Brothers” products as part of their outstanding and festive holiday displays. Select Brooks Brothers stores, including their New York City Madison Avenue flagship location, will prominently feature Audubon ties. Plus you will find Audubon scarves, china and crystal as window dressings and in-store centrally located displays.

Straight from the pages of Audubon Magazine, ornithologist Steve Kress reveals his best advice for keeping squirrels at bay and offers how-to tips on five feeders that will help make your holiday shopping decisions a snap.

Give a gift subscription to Audubon Magazine. Every issue of award-winning, bi-monthly Audubon magazine features our signature blend of explanatory journalism and vibrant photography. 

With “The Audubon Guide to Buying Binoculars” 
optics expert Wayne Mones offers great choices in every price range. Buy “bird-worthy” binoculars and you’ll enjoy birding more than you ever thought possible.

Try the new Audubon BirdCam and rediscover your backyard with this weatherproof, motion-activated digital wildlife camera. You can capture and share photo and video of the animals that visit your feeders. Photos and videos are easily viewed on a TV or computer. For more information please visit www.wingscapes.com.

Pomegranate Communications, Inc., a publisher of fine art books and gift products for more than forty years, offers a wonderful assortment of Audubon stationery products, including boxed notecards and holiday greeting cards. All of the cards are printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks and beautifully represent the hand-colored engravings and illustrations of John James Audubon. For more information and to find the retailer nearest you please call (800) 227-1428 or visit www.pomegranate.com.

The perfect gift for that person on your list who has it all. Who couldn’t use a supply of seed for all their feathered friends? Learn how to create a buffet for any bird in “What’s on the Menu” (scan to the short article at the bottom of the page) 

Shop more National Audubon Society licensed products for gifts that not only dazzle, but also support important conservation work.

Audubon’s 2010 calendars are now in stock and available for purchase. Headlining the collection are two new calendar titles: John James Audubon’s Birds of America, with twelve beautifully reproduced paintings from Audubon’s seminal work Birds of America, and Green World, a year of eco-travel featuring a dozen extraordinary destinations, each one rich in geographic and geologic wonders and teaming with flora and fauna. For more information and to find the retailer nearest you please contact 1 (800) 722-7202.

This list could go on and on, but the song is over. If we missed one of your favorite gifts to give a bird lover, please share it with a comment. Happy Holidays!

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