A 'lush' natural deodorizer

We use only non-chemical cleaners in our home, but until a few months ago, there was a notable exception: Febreze. I was hypnotized by its chemical smell designed to evoke thoughts of fresh, line-dried laundry; disturbingly, it smelled better than my own line-dried laundry.

I knew it was time for the spray to go, not only because I was adding chemicals to my home, but because I was consuming an unnecessary plastic bottle, as well as water, and supporting a company that tests on animals, too. Perhaps the greenest thing I could do would be to scent my home with nothing, of course, but with two dogs, I wasn’t quite ready to cut that cord yet. I didn’t want to go the other direction, either, and risk smelling like a head shop, with incense burning on every table-top.

With a little web research, I found a surprising natural, fabric-safe deodorizer: vodka, and the cheaper the better. Spraying costumes and curtains with vodka is an old theater trick for keeping fabrics fresh. I found the least expensive stuff I could -- such a low-brow brand was already in my own cabinet – and mixed it with a little essential lavender oil, a sprig of rosemary, a cinnamon stick, and a few drops of lemon. The result is light and effective.