Audubon Goes on a Photo Shoot with Board Chair Holt Thrasher

This past weekend I was able to get back to nature and go on a fun photo shoot at the same time—I tagged along as photographer Rob Howard shot portraits of Audubon’s new Chairman of the Board, Holt Thrasher, on Calf Island in Connecticut. Getting to the shoot location was half the fun: Holt’s Boston Whaler zipped by an egret rookery, nesting ospreys, and flying terns, all while I held onto my hat and grinned. The 31-acre island, the largest offshore of Greenwich, was gorgeous and vibrant with the new green of Spring. Squishing through mud and clambering over slippery rocks proved no obstacle for the intrepid photo party, and many rolls of film (yes, film!) were shot. To see the final product, check out the Q&A with Holt Thrasher in the July/August issue of Audubon magazine.

Click here to find out more about Calf Island.

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