Audubon Holiday Gift Guide

Gift ideas for everyone on your list, from bird lovers and green fashionistas to jet-setting eco-travelers and ki

Gift-giving season is in full swing, and we’ve compiled some of our favorite presents for everyone on your list, from nature-loving birders and green fashionistas to jet-setting eco-travelers and kids. Whether you’re looking for jewelry (a gorgeous necklace made from local materials in Ecuador), toys (a dump truck made from recycled milk jugs), or nature experiences (a yearlong National Parks pass), we’re offering dozens of options for people who strive to protect and enjoy the environment. Still your mouse and bookmark this page. Happy shopping!

Adventure hound - For the outdoor enthusiast in your life.

Design junkie - For the person who adores home goods and the Earth.

Fashion addict - For the fashionista who loves to get decked out.

Foodie - For the ever-hungry food lover who always wants new ideas.

Bird buff - For the birdwatcher who weathers all temperatures.

Travel lover - For the plane-hopping friend who wants to stay green.

Kiddies - For the tiny tots who love to play.

Stocking stuffers - Extra ideas to round out your gift-giving.

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