Audubon Magazine Artists Win Three American Illustration Awards

Jason Holley and Greg Mably will have their work published in American Illustration 33.

We could not be less drawn about this news: Audubon Magazine artists have won three American Illustration Awards.

Jason Holley won two awards; Greg Mably, one.

"It's no coincidence that Jason's work sometimes evokes John James Audubon's... while Greg's has a Charley Harper vibe," notes Kevin Fisher, design director of Audubon.

Audubon's winning work will appear in the American Illustration 33 annual award book, online and in a version for tablet devices as well as at an awards event. See the winning artwork below.

This year's distinguished jury included Steve Byram, Artist and Designer, Screw Gun Records; Chris Dixon, Design Director, Vanity Fair; Marti Golon, Art Director, Reader's Digest; Amy Hausmann, Deputy Director, MTA Arts for Transit & Urban Design; Peter Morance, Art Director, The New York Times, Science; Len Small, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Nautilus; and Alex Spiro, Creative Director, co-Founder, Nobrow.

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