Audubon Takes Home Gold

“Sagra Spectrum” illustrates the stunning color variation that can be found in a single species of frog-leg beetle, from Thailand and Indonesia. Design by Christopher Marley/Photo by Lynn Howlett/Copyright by Pheromone.

Let's hear it for the six-legged among us--not to mention artist Christopher Marley's creative eye: Audubon's March-April portfolio "Beetle Mania," which featured kaleidoscopic insect images from Marley's book Pheromone, won a gold medal in Folio magazine's 2009 Ozzie Awards for best use of photography by an association/nonprofit magazine.

Also, a hearty congrats to Audubon's art department--Kevin Fisher, Kim Hubbard, and Todd Standley--for putting the piece together. The Folio awards are among the publishing industry's highest honors, so way to go, team!

For an exclusive video interview with artist Chris Marley--who once loathed the very insects he now uses in his designs--watch A Beetle Maniac Bares All.

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