Audubon's July-August Available Online (and in Print)

Retreat from July's heat with a glass of lemonade and Audubon's latest issue, online or in print. Consider it a staycation, with something for every reader in your household.

In Bruce Barcott's "Coast Guard," you'll meet some of the devoted wardens who have been patrolling 80 islands off the Texas shoreline, protecting the vibrant bird life taking refuge there. Included among them: Chester Smith, 89, and Leroy Overstreet, 85. Will the oil spill be the next big threat they tackle?

Cruise down a flooded forest teeming with wild creatures, including pink dolphins, more than a dozen types of primates, and hundreds of birds. Susan Cosier brings the Peruvian Amazon to colorful life in "Over the Rainbow."

See why biologists think they've hit "The Mother Lode" in Kurt Repanshek's exploration of the incredibly biodiverse Great Smoky Mountains. If you've never loved a slime mold, you will now.

And don't forget our web exclusives, which this month showcase a slideshow about an Audubon community garden and another on species at risk from the oil spill.

More nature is at your fingertips here.

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