Beekeeping: The Next Urban Adventure

Gotham beekeepers no longer have to keep their hives hidden. The New York City Department of Health lifted the ban on beekeeping yesterday, to the glee of an increasing number of urban bee farmers who want to produce their own honey.
“Lately, bees have picked up political cache among a growing number of green-minded folk interested in seeing organic agriculture return to big American cities,” writes the Associated Press. “The movement to end the ban picked up after Michelle Obama had a hive installed on the South Lawn of the White House.”
New York is not the only metropolitan area where beekeepers are tending to urban hives. Paris, Toronto, San Francisco, and Chicago are also home to city bees.
“Like the honeybee itself, urban beekeepers are a ‘small but mighty’ group, says fourth-generation beekeeper Andrew Cot
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