Big Years and Birding

The Big Year, a star-studded, endearingly quirky look at the world of competitive birders, hits theaters Friday. Here at Audubon, film-fans and birders alike are all aflutter.

For those of you who missed the trailers, “The Big Year” is a film adaptation of Mark Obmascik’s The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession chronicling the true tales of three birders who devoted themselves to a year of birding.

Obmascik shared the experience of seeing his book transform into a feature film in the September-October issue of the magazine. The issue also featured an interview with Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin, led by Audubon’s Alisa Opar—you can listen to a podcast on the website. If you want to hear more on Black, Wilson and Martin’s birding perspectives, check out the video below of Audubon’s President and CEO, David Yarnold talking with the cast.

Keep an eye on our re-launched website for more big year stories including:


an exclusive movie review with Audubon’s Susan Cosier

-expert critique on the film’s birds and bird calls

-excerpts from Obmascik’s book as well as Kenn Kaufman’s big year book, Kingbird Highway

-a fashion-forward look at birding, with Audubon’s Julie Leibach analyzing Owen Wilson’s unforgettable birding wardrobe

Want to create your own big year? Audubon’s got everything you need from a handy guide to picking the best binoculars, to fantastic birding trails and fall migration hot spots. If you need extra inspiration, we’ve got the story of a 16-year-old’s 12,000 mile birding adventure and hope that you’ll share your own big year adventures with us.

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