Bird Madness: Championship 2013

After many tough head-to-head competitions in our Soaring Sixteen, Egret Eight, and Feathered Four rounds, we’ve finally made it to the championship of Bird Madness. Thanks for casting nearly 2,500 votes and making this tournament such a success! We can’t wait to see which of these two amazing images you crown your People’s Choice Bird Madness Winner.

Photo: Linda Hoopes

Photo: Fi Rust

In the second Feathered Four round, the chickadee took the victory with 74% of the votes. For the title, that image goes up again the American kestrel (winner of Feathered Four round 1). You have until Thursday to pick your favorite. The ultimate victor of Bird Madness will appear on our website, along with a story about how he or she captured the amazing shot.

Vote here! As we said, voting closes on Thursday., Jan. 17. This is it...don’t miss your final chance to click your pick.

After you vote, check out which images our esteemed judges crowned the official winners of the 4th annual Audubon Magazine Photo Awards. Plus, a behind-the-scenes look at the selection process, with judge and Nature’s Best Photography editor Steve Freligh.

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