Bird Madness: Egret Eight Round #4

Finally, you’ve seen the images our judges picked as the official winners of the 2011 Audubon Magazine Photo Awards. But the people’s choice pick is still up for grabs. Help us decide the last of the Feathered Four finalists now! Today, we’ve got an owl vs. a tree full of egrets. Which do you like best?

The other three finalists are the surfing bird, the black-crowned night heron, and the red-shouldered hawk.

Here’s how our game has worked until now. Each round of the Soaring Sixteen, we posted two entries from this year’s Audubon Magazine Photo Awards. Those winners went head to head in our Egret Eight round. The top quartet—including the winner of this matchup—makes it to the Feathered Four, then two onto the championship match.

An amazing 1,800 of you helped up choose the winners of our Soaring Sixteen and the first three Egret Eight rounds. The ultimate victor of Bird Madness will appear on, along with a story about how he or she captured the shot.

Vote here! Voting closes on Sun., Jan. 8. Next week, we’ll run the two Feathered Four matchups, starting Monday.

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