Bird Madness: Matchup #3

UPDATE: And the winner is Black-crowned night heron! Thanks to all who voted.

It’s time for another round of head-to-head photo competition.

Eagles in mid-air battle won the second matchup. This time, pick your preference out of these two, part of our gallery, “You Lookin’ at Me?” from the Audubon Magazine Photo Awards entries.

To those of you who have been playing from the beginning, thanks and please keep voting! For those just joining us, here’s how Bird Madness works: From now until the beginning of January 2012, we’ll be pitting some of the entries from this year’s Photo Awards (selected in no particular order) against one another for you to vote on. We’ll feature the winner on our website, along with an article about how she or he captured the shot.

In our Jan-Feb 2012 issue, we’ll feature the awards’ official winners, selected by our panel of judges.

Vote here! Voting for this matchup will close on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 11:59 eastern time.


                              Previous Winners

 Round 1

 Round 2
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