Birds Make the Art, Part 10

In our 10th edition of Birds Make the Art, we’ve got two collage artists and a painter. They all make birds beautiful.


Linda Hardy

Linda Hardy is a freelance, mixed-media artist whose love of nature, she says, comes from growing up in the country surrounded by trees. Her love of birds however, comes from her father, an award-winning, master wood carver who specialized in waterfowl. Links to Hardy’s shop on etsy here and here.


Adam Doyle

Artist Adam Doyle has this to say about birds: “Birds frequently come up in my imagery because they’re so relatable. Most everywhere they live among us, unifying our natural and man-made worlds…. They’re timelessly tied to our sense of hope, aspiration, and Icarian disappointment.” Find more of Doyle’s work here.


Abby Sernoff

“I am fascinated by the symbology and mythology that has surrounded birds throughout the course of human history,” says Abby Sernoff, a Philadelphia-based mixed-media artist. “I find the various meanings ascribed to birds a huge source of inspiration for my art.” Check out more of Sernoff’s work here.


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