Birds Make the Art, Part 11

Birds Make the Art has been on hiatus for a couple months, but we’re back now. And today we’ve got some really fascinating stuff. One of our artists is a drawing student. Another creates upcycled vintage jewelry. The third makes stain glass. We just love the endless possibilities when these two worlds come together.

Wayne Stratz
“I have doodled for as long as I can remember and these doodles have influenced me greatly,” writes Stratz, one half of Nutmeg Designs. Yet he still incorporates his years of studying and teaching biology in the studio. “Birds bring me joy. In the midst of chaotic day, seeing a bird will quiet my soul and bring me peace.” We couldn't have said it any better.

Suzanna McMahan
“I got the inspiration to make bird nest necklaces and rings after a bird formed a perfect nest in one of my hanging baskets,” writes McMahan, who creates upcycled, vintage jewelry like the bird-inspired pieces below.

Angel Perez
Perez, currently a student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, has been making progress toward a BFA in Illustration while maintaining a full-time job and doing design work for several clients. “I enjoy creating all types of artwork across several mediums,” he writes.

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