Birds Make the Art, Part 3

Since it seems like many people may be holed up at home this weekend trying to stay out of Hurricane Irene’s way, here’s some beautiful bird art to get you through (if you still have electricity). It’s our third installment of Birds Make the Art. Click here for part 1 and part 2.

Cartoons by Tom Toro

“My weight in nectar, on the rocks.” 

“I’m totally serious. Babies come from a stork.”

“I’ll play dead, and then after we get off work early, you guys set me free. Deal?”

Tom Toro is a 29-year-old New Yorker cartoonist and fiction writer living in Berkeley, California. See his New Yorker cartoons online here.

Paintings by Josh Durant



Blue jay

American kestrel

Self-taught painter Joshua Durant has been actively working and showing his paintings since 2004. Find out more about him and his work here and here.

Artwork by Dinuk Magammana

Bald eagle, acrylic

King eider, watercolor

Townsend’s warbler, watercolor

Twenty-year-old Dinuk Magammana loves nature and wildlife. He’s been drawing and painting it since he was young.

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