Birds Make the Art, Part 6

It’s been awhile since our last Birds Make the Art, so here you go. Today, we’ve got drawings, dictionaries, paintings and more. It’s past 5 pm anyway... Enjoy! 

Drawing by Ana Jones
Jones, an artist from Portugal, just started drawing two years ago, but she plans to keep illustrating to build up her portfolio.

Art work by PopcaPopca Studio
At PopcaPopca Studio, a Hong Kong graphic design team, the artists make imagination and illustration part of daily life. Says artist Arthur Chow, “Mixed media design and humor concepts are at the heart of our work.” (Those are old dictionary pages, by the way.) 

Work by Amanda Krauss
Thanks to a third-grade teacher’s persistence, Amanda Krauss developed a love for birds early on. She’s been drawing and painting them ever since, drawing artistic inspiration from this fascination.

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