Bring on Valentine's Day - The Eco-friendly Way

(Flickr Creative Commons/Sister72)

Even if you’re in a relationship, V-day can be tough. High expectations, planning gone awry, the guy at the table next to you proposing. How can you beat that? Talk about awkward. Thanks, guy.

If you’re single, well, it can be downright disgusting. Red little hearts everywhere. Pudgy cupid popping up in store fronts. Nasty chalky candy that you can’t stop eating. When I called my cable provider this morning, the music they played while I was on hold wasn’t music, it was an advertisement to buy roses for Valentine’s Day…through my cable provider. Really? 

It’s inescapable. And it’s going to happen whether you like it or not.

Now, it would be easy to hole yourself in your room or apartment, taking cover from the onslaught of lovey-dovey goopiness. It makes sense. It would be much easier to plop yourself down on the couch with a tub of organic ice cream and throw in the veritable pantheon of rom-coms (Love Actually, Serendipity, or anything with Hugh Grant – which should all be rented or purchased used instead of new to reduce waste and save money!), while you wipe your tears and clean your sniffling nose with organic tissue, than to subject yourself to rampant public displays of affection.

But, I say you’re better than that. Seize the day! Grab your friends, and get ready for a romp on the town! Take your guy friends out to a sports game. Gals, get glammed up for a girl’s night out. Or, vice versa! Sports and glamification know no bounds.  

For the past two years, my guy friends and I would go out to a sports bar and enjoy a night of hot wings and golden refreshments. While I can’t say I know of an organic chicken wing restaurant, you can certainly remake the moment at home with certifiably organic products before hitting the town.

1. Chicken wings, check.
2. Organic hot sauce, check. 
3. Organic oil, check. 
4. Organic beer, check.  

The rest is cake. Pour oil into the pot and place an oil-ready thermometer in the oil. Keep heat between 350 and 375 at all times to ensure crisp skin and moist meat. Drop wings in slowly and cook for 10-12 minutes (or you can use trial and error). Scoop out with a strainer and let dry on paper towels. Throw them in a bowl and then sauce away.

I guarantee you, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling highly satisfied knowing you didn’t just survive V-day, you beat V-day. And, if you absolutely have to, you can check the damage on this thing.  

But I wouldn’t recommend it.

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody.

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