Catch of the Day

If you’re planning on sidling up to the sushi bar this weekend, don’t leave home without one of the three new sustainable sushi guides that were released this week by a trio of conservation groups, The Blue Ocean Institute, Environmental Defense Fund, and Monterey Bay Aquarium. The guides—written in both English and Japanese—are available online, in print pocket form, or you can beam them to your mobile. But if you’re hoping to find green choices for some of the most popular choices on the menu—yellow fin tuna, shrimp, freshwater eel, farmed salmon—you’re out of luck. Stick with the green-lighted sustainable options, like wild Alaskan salmon, farmed striped bass, and Alaskan pollock. What’s most important is that you ask for the sustainable choices, to help create a demand. And if your sushi chef can’t give you a straight answer about where his seafood comes from and how it’s caught, forget the fish and order up some veggie rolls instead.    

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