Crown the California Bird of the Year

Vote for Audubon California's Bird of the Year. Six birds are vying for the title.

Though no actual tiaras will exchange hands, Audubon California hopes the winning species—as well as the other five nominees—will highlight the Golden State’s birds and the conservation challenges and rally the public to get involved.

The Audubon California Board of Directors nominated the following species, for their role in 2009 conservation programs and the news splash they made: California condor, brown pelican, peregrine falcon, acorn woodpecker, yellow-billed magpie, and western snowy plover.

“More than 600 different bird species call California home, and every one of them has a story to tell,” says Graham Chisholm, Audubon California’s executive director. Make your mark on California by voting. By the way, anyone can vote—not just state residents—and you don’t have to vote for one of the nominated birds.

Voting ends December 7. Audubon California will announce a winner shortly thereafter.

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