Dear Santa: Go Easy on the Planet

Bing Crosby's crooning, the fire smoke's pluming, and you're curled up on the couch...racking your brain for a good holiday gift or decoration idea. Audubon can help--especially if you want to avoid the commercial hype and opt for presents and adornments attuned to a more eco-conscious life style.

In "Sustaining the Holidays," Katherine Tweed offers gift suggestions for a variety of personalities, including "the foodie," "the travel buff," and, of course, "that special someone." 

Shawn Query's "Season's Greenings" provides tips on finding the right tree, making your own decorations, and also choosing gifts.

"Homemade Holiday," by Dierdre Gill, also serves up a platter of do-it-yourself projects to get you in the spirit.

And finally, if you've got an eco-sensistive fashionista on your gift list, take a gander at Susan Cosier's "How Green Is Your Garment," which will advise you on what fabrics, manufacturing processes, and methods of garment care are easiest on the planet.

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