Earth Day at Grand Central Terminal

Whether Grand Central is part of your normal commute or not, it's worth a stop-off this week. As part of Earth Day 2011, J. Henry Fair's photographs will be on display in Vanderbilt Hall April 21-23. 

Fair has assembled an extensive body of work on the environmental impact of massive industrial energy sites. Seen from the air, his images convey, in vivid colors, the scale of unnatural degradation resulting daily from mills, plants, factories and energy companies. This exhibit focuses on hydro-fracking, and is part of Landscapes of Extraction: The Collateral Damage of the Fossil Fuels Industries. The photographs are supported with graphics and interactive media developed by The Cooper Union's Institute for Sustainable Design and The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture. 

If you pass through on Thursday the 21st between 5-7pm, you can meet the artist. 

For more information on the broader scope of Fair's work, look for Julie Leibach's piece in our May/June issue, and visit J. Henry Fair's website.

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