Eco-chic Celebs Turn Out for "Heart of Green" Awards

Eco-chic Celebs Honored at Hearst's "Heart of Green" Awards

Decked out in a royal blue, Eco-ganik bamboo dress and recycled diamond vintage earrings, actress Alicia Silverstone seemed at ease walking the green carpet at last night’s "Heart of Green" Awards.

Silverstone—donned the Eco-Original by awards host The Daily Green—was one of 10 honorees at the event, which recognized “people, organizations and companies that have taken the green message to the mainstream.”

Others honorees included Gloria Reuben, the actress known for her role on television’s “ER” who was saluted for her work promoting clean water; Constance White, member of the eBay Green Team, for her role as an eco-fashionista; and Deidre Imus, wife of radio host Don Imus, who penned the environmental series “Green This” and is working toward achieving cleaner air. “If you think you are too small to have an impact,” Imus said as she accepted her recycled glass award, “try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”

The city of New York also earned accolades for being one of the most environmentally efficient cities in the country. According to the introduction to this award winner, the carbon footprint of a New Yorker is 71 percent smaller than that of the average American, thanks to the subway riding and small apartments of its inhabitants.

With a green products exhibit, held in one of the greenest buildings in New York—the Hearst Tower—the night was enjoyable, educational and full of eco-chic.

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