From Chore to Fun: Go Birding As You Sort Your Holiday Cards

Mute swans were one of Arnfield's top sightings.

The holidays are over, the decorations stashed. Only one thing left—the daunting task of sifting through Christmas cards to see who remembered, who forgot, and what addresses need updating. This time, infuse some fun into the chore: Try birding while you work. At the end of each year, Columbus Audubon member John Arnfield (of Church Stretton, Shropshire, United Kingdom) compiles a list of the avian species appearing on Christmas cards sent to him. His 2011 sightings cover both “hard” cards and e-cards. Take a gander (pun intended; sorry) at what he spotted, below (are you surprised by which species came in #1? I’m not). And don't forget to add your birds/numbers in the Comments section!

Northern cardinal: 12
Mute swan: 7
Emperor penguin: 6
Canada goose: 6
(European) robin: 6
(Common) blackbird: 4
Jungle fowl (domesticated): 3
Black-capped chickadee: 3
Hen harrier: 2
(European) turtle dove: 2
(European) blue tit: 2
Red-legged partridge: 1
(European) herring gull: 1
Dove (generic): 1
(Bohemian) waxwing: 1
Redwing: 1
Crested tit: 1
Blue jay: 1
House finch: 1
American goldfinch: 1
(Eurasian) siskin: 1

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