GBBC Results: 10.5 Million Birds and Counting

               You reported 1.8 million American Robins
                 Photo: almiyi on Flickr Creative Commons

With three days left to submit your 2010 Great Backyard Bird Count stats, contemplate these numbers for sec: So far, you and your fellow citizen scientists have sent in almost 91,000 lists containing 597 species and 10.5 million birds. (If you haven’t yet reported, send Audubon and Cornell your info here.)

The top 10 birds spotted (by individuals counted) included:
1. American robin, 1,828,736
2. Canada goose, 699,233
3. American crow, 500,308
4. Snow goose, 499,399
5. European starling, 485,940
6. American goldfinch, 400,500
7. Common grackle, 360,703
8. Dark-eyed junco, 351,953
9. Red-winged blackbird, 272,724
10. Mourning dove, 271,269

You also reported seeing a yellow-billed loon, a yellow-billed cuckoo, a rustic bunting, a rufous-capped warbler and many other interesting species.

The GBBC site offers summary results by bird species, state/province, and top-reporting locales. Plus, there’s a map room where you can explore in which locations people saw a particular species, compare two maps, or even browse a list of all the maps.

Thanks to @birdbs, @JennaStirling, and @AboutBirdies who tweeted on our Twitter page about their favorite GBBC spotting, and to the hundreds of you who posted to the GBBC and Audubon magazine Facebook pages. Keep the comments coming!

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