Get Your Cameras Shooting!

This Fourth of July weekend, why not spend some time taking pictures of birds? Or maybe use those extra free hours to submit photos for the third annual Audubon Magazine Photo Awards?

Here are some of the images that earned top honors in the 2010 photo awards.

Emperor penguins. Photo by Keith Szafranski.

Snowy owl. Photo by David Hemmings.

Blue-footed booby. Photo by Tracey Kidston.

What’s new for the awards this year? We still offer amazing prizes, like trips to the Galapagoes, Peru, and Belize. And there are still three groups: professionals, amateurs, and youth. But we’ve added a new category in each: Birds in their habitat. (To see the difference, check out 

To give you a sense of what the judges like, keep checking our Facebook page during the next few weeks; we’ll continue showcasing last year’s winners. This year’s entry period ends Sept. 5, 2011. Go to for complete rules and information on how to enter.

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