Glamour Magazine Selects Audubon as Its "Fashion Gives Back" Recipient

From Glamour

You’re in the checkout line at a favorite vintage clothing store, feeling sheepish. With hanging head and burning ears, you peer shamefully from downcast eyes. Maybe they won’t notice, you think. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m an embarrassment. Yet I just can’t seem to remember to bring my own bag with me! Good news: You’ll remember now, thanks to Glamour magazine’s designer tote bag concept. 

Each year, Glamour’s Fashion Gives Back campaign “taps the year's hottest young design talent to create exclusive items for charity.” This time around, six designers have added their personal touch to cotton tote bags, sold exclusively from Henri Bendel. All of the proceeds—that’s right, 100 percent—from the sale of the bags will then go to Glamour’s 2010 nonprofit recipient: You guessed it, the National Audubon Society. “This year's pick was a no-brainer after the Gulf oil spill,” says Glamour’s site, given that NAS has “been supporting bird rescue efforts to helping restore the area's ravaged ecosystem.”
So, snatch up one of these bags, and see if its snazzy design—not to mention its history—doesn’t help jog your memory the next time you just gotta shop.
For more on Audubon’s restoration efforts and other campaigns, click here. For Audubon magazine’s special oil spill coverage, click here. And stay tuned for our November-December issue, which will have more on the spill.

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