GoGreenMan Battles Fast Food Chains

A 12-year-old challenges big fast food chains to start recycling

Twelve-year-old Jonathan Lee—creator of the superhero GoGreenMan—is a preteen on a mission: To get big fast food chains to recycle.

“The packages you see behind me came from 10 popular restaurants that many people eat at,” he says, in one of two homemade videos, standing in front of a wall of garbage. “And did you know they didn’t recycle?!” he shouts.

He’s taking his case up the government ladder. So far, the enthusiastic Lee has spoken with Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Kay Bailey Hutchinson (R-TX) and Mary Landrieu (D-LA) about his issue with fast food waste. And just last week, he posted a video on CNN’s iReport.com asking Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid whether he would support a national fast food recycling program.

The role of advocate isn’t new for Lee; he’s been fighting for the environment since he watched a show about global warming when he was 10. He uses GoGreenMan—and the superhero’s unending fight against Dr. Pollution—to get his peers interested in the cause.

GoGreenMan, armed with a wind energizer, a solar sun shield and a hydro hipster, teams up with Hannah Heart (and her solar sunglasses), Recycle Roger (and his recyclonator), Water Woman (who can walk on water) and several others. They battle the evil Dr. Pollution and his terrible cohorts.

With this cause, Lee faces an uphill struggle, but he seems ready for the fight. “How come restaurants aren’t recycling?” he asks emphatically. Pause. “The GoGreenMan investigation will continue.”

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