Green Wedding Extravaganza

Wedding season is approaching, and the trend of green weddings appears to be continuing to gain ground. Last week a Green Wedding extravaganza, hosted by Housingworks in Manhattan, showcased a beautiful and informative new book titled Green Wedding: Planning Your Eco-Friendly Celebration, by New York Times staff writer Mireya Navarro, and a panel discussion on green wedding trends. Housingworks was brimming with blushing brides, bloggers, green jewelry designers, and even Project Runway designer Leanne Marshall (Season 5). Environmental writer Starre Vartan wrote today on her blog Eco-chick about the fun-filled and informative event. This video of Leanne Marshall and photograph of Marshall's dress featured here were provided by Vartan. Stay tuned to Audubon Magazine for more about green weddings and other sustainable trends.

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