Guyana's Kaeiteur Falls

Toco Toucan and Red-shouldered Macaw provided the first signs that I had arrived in Guyana this morning. In fact, there were large flocks of macaws and parrots to greet us, plus Great Kiskadee and several look-alike species such as Lesser Kiskadee and Rusty-margined Flycatcher. Our early morning was topped off by a family of manatees – father, mother, and pup (is that the right term?).

After a mid-morning breakfast, we flew to Kaeiteur Falls, with swooping flights to give everyone a close view of the tallest free-fall waterfall in the world – 741 feet from top to bottom. White-tipped and the larger White-collared Swifts greeted us at the falls, but they quickly disappeared when a pair of Orange-breasted Falcons came barreling up the canyon towards the falls. One kept dive-bombing the other. At the close approach, the attackee turned on its back to use its talons to defend itself. The speed and agility of these two birds was astounding!

Then we were off to Iwokrama River Lodge. After a quiet afternoon, we had a spectacular nocturnal boat-ride on the Essiquibo River – Blackish Nightjar and Black Curassow were the main prizes.

It is the dry season in Guyana, but still amazingly hot and humid. Friendly people and good food so far – and lots more to see tomorrow.

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