Let it Snow!

From December to about March, I often say a prayer to the precipitation gods pleading that they abstain from serving whatever wintry concoction they’ve got in store for the day until I’ve walked the 40 minutes to work. They apparently listened yesterday, as it wasn’t until the early afternoon that giant snowflakes started flurrying like feathers exploding from a down pillow. Peering through the expanse of windows from the safety of our seventh floor office, I lapsed into a state of kid-like wonder at the silent swirling flakes. Truly, there’s nothing like snow to get a person into the holiday spirit. And speaking of snow…

Audubon contributor Nancy Bazilchuk encounters a lot of it while skiing across Norway with her family in pursuit of reindeer. Read about her adventures in “Snow Patrol" (appearing in the current issue) and hear some signature sounds from the country in her podcast, to which photographer and Norwegian native Per Breiehagen also lends his voice.

Also in the current issue, Green Guru Susan Cosier offers tips on deicing your walkway in a manner that’s respectful toward surrounding plants.

Finally, if you need an incentive to brave the cold and explore the winter wonderland outside, writer Jennifer Weeks's article “Birds of a Feather,” about a grandmother-grandson team that participates regularly in Audubon’s annual Christmas Bird Count, just might give you the motivation you need. Not to mention, it’s an inspiring example of an enduring family tradition that gives true meaning to the holiday season.

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