Love Audubon Magazine Covers? Cast Your Vote to Help Us Win an Award!

Two Audubon covers are in the running for the American Society of Magazine Editor's cover contest.

Audubon readers, Let’s talk turkey.

A specific turkey, in fact: it’s gracing the front of the November-December 2013 issue. The cover is one of the two Audubon covers in the running for this year’s ASME Cover Contest Reader’s Choice award in the “Science, Technology, and Nature” category. Shot in profile, the gobbler accompanies our recent feature on declining wild turkey populations in the Southeast U.S.

Turkey not your thing? Check out Audubon’s other entry, a roseate spoonbill mid-flight on the May-June 2013 issue. The loud pink of its feathers, the elegant, almost sculpted beauty of its wings—if this cover doesn’t grab your attention, what will?

Audubon nabbed the 2009 prize in the same category. And we’re poised to run away with it again this year; both covers are in the top three at this writing.

Voting runs through February 2, so head over to ASME’s Facebook page and “Like” your favorite cover (ahem: ours).


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