Mosquito Hunting in Alaska

We stopped several times on our way to Toolik Field Station in the Arctic. We stopped at the cozy outhouses in Joy, Alaska, at a gift shop/cafe/rest stop that boasted a shed with license plates nailed on from all over the U.S. We stopped at the E.L. Patton Bridge, where the Trans-Alaska pipeline crosses the Yukon River. We stopped for moose. And every time we stopped, we brought loads of mosquitos with us when we piled back into the van. Hence this video, which shows how we dealt with the extra passengers.
It's become apparent that different folks have different mosquito-killing styles. The single-handed grab. The two-handed slap. The notebook smack. Even the one-legged kick. Despite our efforts (which include DEET and mosquito nets), the mosquitos are decidedly winning. Our rather poor consolation prize is that the welts from the bites are fairly small and disappear in a day or so.

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