Move over and eHarmony, Make Room for EcoDater

Online dating site EcoDater pairs the green-minded.

Photo: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

" target="_blank">Herculie, Flickr Creative Commons

Face it, finding love just ain’t easy. But environmentally friendly, earth-loving singles now have an ally in the form of e-matchmaker EcoDater, an online dating site for “green single men and women who care about living a natural, holistic lifestyle.”

As far as I could tell (from my less-than-scientific search), it’s the only service of its kind, a sort of green online dating blog bonanza, with the typical create-a-profile, search-and-connect functions, plus tips for organic food lovers, the best restaurants in the U.S. for vegetarian dates, three “mix tapes” of eco-minded music for green singles, even info about green celebs.

There’s a free, quick search option that just requires you to plug in the age, locale and gender of your desired mate. You can pay for more detailed matchmaking and frankly, it might be worthwhile. Why? A search for males, 25 to 30 in New York, generated only two profiles. The same search in Minnesota and Colorado resulted in zero and five respectively. 

But the site is still fun, and the concept, a cross between refreshing (finally, a place where like-minded environmentalists can find each other) and a little late to the party (a ridiculous number of online dating options exist, for pretty much any group imaginable). Either way, it’s worth a look, particularly if you’re trying to find love, au natural.

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