New Eco-Friendly Underwear Made from Bananas

Edible underwear aren't for everyone, but new fruit-based skivvies might have broader appeal. AussieBum has launched a line of men's briefs and boxer briefs made from bananas. That’s right, the company is giving “banana hammock” a whole new meaning. The made-in-Australia underwear isn’t made with the fruit itself, but rather from banana tree bark.

The men’s unmentionables are 27-percent banana fiber, 64-percent organic cotton, and 9-percent Lycra. “Naturally, you can’t really add anymore banana fiber than that because it might be a bit squishy,” AussieBum spokesman Lloyd Jones told Ecoturre.

The company is confident it hasn’t created an unappetizingly “squishy” product. It says the blend of materials provides “ultimate comfort, with an eco friendly flavour that will keep you coming back for seconds.” While the biodegradable material is delicious news for the planet, the skivvies don’t actually smell, or taste, like bananas.

The briefs retail for about $26-$29.

AussieBum may be selling the world’s first banana-fiber underwear, but the eco-friendly material is already widely used. Textile Fashion Trends reports: “In Japan, the traditional dresses like kimono and kamishimo are made from banana fiber and are liked especially as summer wear. The banana silk fiber yarns are used to make traditional rugs by Nepalese women. Banana fiber is also used to make fine cushion covers, ties, bags, table cloths, curtains and many other items all over the world.”

It’s enough to make eco-fashionistas go bananas.

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