New Social Networking Site for Bird Lovers

Valentine’s Day may be over, but there’s still plenty of passion to go around, especially if you fancy feathers: soared into the social networking scene a few days ago, promising an interactive community for any avi-phile with an Internet hookup.

Got bird photos or videos? Upload ‘em. Curious about an endangered feathered friend? Check out’s resource library. Scored an awesome sighting? Add it to the roster. Puzzled by a bird-related conundrum or want to share a funny avian anecdote? Ask a question or recount a story on the blog.

A recent post lists ways that "you definitely know you've been birdwatching too much"--for instance, "you have a birdwatching app on your iPod” and “you have long-winded debates...[about] what could have possibly led a famous ornithologist to call something as majestic as an eagle 'bald.'”

Hatched by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and the Natural Resources Defense Council, “is a is a place where birders can connect with one another around the issues that they care about,” said Miyoko Chu, director of Communications at the Cornell Lab, in a press release. “It’s a place where they can also easily tap into a wealth of resources to enhance their enjoyment of birds and take their love of bird watching to the next level by helping birds through citizen-science projects or other actions.”

So, next time you’re feeling lovey for the doveys, log online and spread the warmth.

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