Osprey Cam is Back!

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The osprey cam is back, and it’s got all the drama of a modern-day soap. Female and male birds Rachel and Steve—named for environmentalist and author of Silent Spring Rachel Carson and Project Puffin founder Steve Kress—returned on April 5 to the nest near Bremen, Maine.

For a moment it looked like Rachel had some competition for Steve’s affections. Her name was Trudy, nicknamed by viewers and short for “intruder.” (Here’s a video of some of the action.) The other woman hasn’t been seen in about a week; given that it’s nature, we don’t know yet how it will all play out.

For the moment, just enjoy the up-close look at our osprey pair. You may lose hours on these beauties. Don’t forget to check back in May when our puffin cams go live.

Some key facts
Rachel: Female, at least 4 years old, 4 pounds, named after Rachel Carson
Steve: Male, at least 4 years old, 3 pounds, named for Steve Kress
Nest location: 30-foot tower, Audubon Camp in Maine on Hog Island, Bremen, Maine
Best viewing hours: 7:00am - 8:00pm Eastern time
Thanks to: A partnership between the National Audubon Society and Explore.org

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