S O L A R ...in a big way

The Australian Solar Tower is scheduled to rise in the year 2012.  It will produce 200-megawatts of power which is equivalent to about 200,000 typical Australian homes.  EnviroMission Ltd. is the company behind this magnificent undertaking.  This solar tower will alleviate an estimated 920,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually from fossil fuels.  The tower itself will be 130 meters wide and visible up to 80 miles from its site on Tapio station near Buronga and Mildura on the southern reaches of the Murray river. 

Australia is a brilliant location for this project in that it occupies enormous areas of high solar radiation, geological strength and presents many suitable regions to properly implement a Solar Tower of this magnitude.  Enviromission estimates the cost of their first 200-megawatt solar tower at $670m, and say the cost of subsequent towers would fall. There are also plans to invest a further US$8 million for development of a solar tower in China.

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