Sarah Palin's Alaska to air on Discovery Channel?

(Photo courtesy of geerlingguy/Flickr Creative Commons)

UPDATE: It turns out Discovery Communications has, indeed, acquired "Sarah Palin's Alaska" but will air the 8-part documentary series on TLC, not Discovery Channel. 

From a press release:

"Our family enjoys Discovery's networks," said Governor Sarah Palin. "I look forward to working with Mark to bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska to all Americans."


Move over Life and Planet Earth, there’s a new show in town. A Sarah Palin-hosted, Alaska-themed series is expected to be picked up by Discovery Communications after A&E announced it will no longer be vying for the show. According to Variety, Discovery should confirm the partnership in an official upfront on April 8. The network is rumored to pay almost $1 million per episode of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” and will feature the ex-vice president candidate taking viewers on a tour of her state’s natural wilderness. While the show will likely produce widespread interest, both for the show’s nature subjects and for its controversial host, Mother Nature Network reports Discovery is already undergoing criticism.

Palin’s environmental sensitivity has proved a little lacking in the past having opposed beluga whale protection, approved the shooting of wolves from air planes and championed the chant “Drill, baby drill!

The future of Discovery and Palin remains up for grabs until April 8, but there’s only one answer as to whether the ex-vp’s show will be surrounded with hype: You betcha!

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